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Meet the founders of Just Go

 Born in El Salvador, Ronald immigrated to the United States in 1986 with his family and settled in Silver Spring, Maryland. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S., M.A., and PhD. in Geography. Dr. Luna is the  former Undergraduate Director at the Department of Geographical Sciences at University of Maryland College Park. Ronald is passionate about improving the social and academic lives of children and students through education.  Currently, he is teaching at George Washington University. 


From 2014-2021, he has been the lead pastor of Ebenezer church currently located in Spencerville, Maryland. He has lead the transformation of his church into a mission focused church. Currently, Ebenezer church is sponsoring approximately 21 projects/ministries/missionaries in 9 different countries. God has called him to take the Gospel to the furthest, most dangerous, poorest, and less (gospel) reached areas in the world. In order to do so he is focused on mobilizing a generation of professionals to go to the ends of the world.


In 2022, is working at the Well Community Church as their community outreach and mission coordinator. He has lead trips to  Bangladesh, Romania, Ecuador, Egypt, El Salvador, and Kenya.  Married over 14 years to the love of his life and best friend. He is the proud father of Josue and Sara.

Christopher was born in El Salvador. ­He graduated from the University of Maryland with a B.S. Architecture, a master in Architecture, and a master in Urban Planning.

He has been involved for years in worship, Sunday school, youth ministry, summer camps, and disciple-making ministry. He is passionate about the message of the Gospel. He has served on short mission trips to Bangladesh, Argentina, Romania and Ecuador.

He believes that he must serve Jesus with all he has, whether spiritual gifts, ministries, or academic degrees. In 2019, he lead his first Just Go mission trip to the Amazon of Ecuador.

He is currently working in construction as an Assistant Project Manager. He has started to invest his resources in sustainable projects in developing countries. He hopes one day design communities.

Byron is native to Maryland.  He graduated with a double degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice and Geographical Sciences from the University of Maryland.  He holds a M.S. in Geography with a specialization in Urban Geography and GIS. His master’s thesis utilized Invasion-succession model to understand how the social structure of neighborhoods has changed in the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan area in the past 40 years, and to develop spatiotemporal maps of the region. Additionally, he earned a graduate certificate in Geospatial Information Sciences (GIS) also from the University of Maryland. 


As a professional, he has worked on projects as a GIS analyst, cartographer, and technician for a non-profit in D.C., the World Bank, and a local PG County neighborhood community. He teaches Geography courses at Howard Community College and is a teaching assistant at UMD. He is passionate about teaching and map making, and is a advocate of transcending poverty through education. 


Ivonne was born in Virginia. She graduated from University of Baltimore with a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology. She is passionate about children with learning disabilities. She currently works as a preschool teacher and works hand in hand with the learning specialist. She also enjoys organizing programs with the children's ministry at her church.  In 2019, she will be leading his first Just Go mission trip to El Salvador.

Lesly was born in Virginia. She is currently enrolled in Montgomery Community College, and is obtaining her associates in Physical Therapy. Lesly went on her first missionary trip to Romania, and God spoke to her through the love that the kids in Romania showed her. She is passionate about working with children while sharing the gospel as well.  

Carlos Rodriguez was born in Guatemala and moved to the United States in 2001. He graduated from the University of Maryland with a Bachelor’s of Science in GIS. He is an active member of a thriving Christian community whose goal is to impact the youth to love Jesus. His passion is to help others by promoting a community where believers use their skills to spread the gospel. He has taken the obedience step of Just Go to El Salvador for the next year to work with our ministry partner CEDEINFA. 

Meet the Members of Just Go


Vanessa was born and raised in Silver Spring, Maryland. She graduated from the University of Maryland with a bachelor’s degree in Criminology and Criminal Justice, and a minor in Spanish Literature. She will be attending law school in the fall of 2019.


She hopes to use her bilingualism and passion for service to become an immigration and human rights attorney. At her church, she serves as a Sunday School teacher and helps organize events for the children’s ministry. She feels blessed to have the opportunity to teach young children through a Biblical worldview.


In June 2019, Vanessa went on her first missionary trip to the Amazon of Ecuador. Currently, she is completing her Law degree at the University of Maryland.

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