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Project 2019

Just Go 2.0

In May 2019, we travelled to Ecuador for the first time and created a partnership to provide technical support to our missionary partners on the ground. We bought two handheld GPS devises to help communicate, track, and map the missionaries in the Amazon. Each GPS was an investment of $350 per device. 

The introduction of the GPS devises have been a game changer for the missionaries. 
Such devices allow the missionaries communicate anywhere in the world with their families or ministry partners. It will allows Just Go to map and create specialize maps of the indigenous communities. We are also creating 3D modeling of the future Amazonian training center. In addition, we have contributed with other supplies such as masks, water filtration systems, tents, etc.

As a ministry we continue to contribute $70 monthly. We welcome you to partner with us and help with the monthly contribution.  You can contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner with us @  

Partnership: Conpasion Internacional 
Costs: $70 monthly


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