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Project 2021

Just Go 2.0

In July 2021, we travelled to Ecuador for the second time as ministry, to visit our missionary partners on the ground, and to look for new investment opportunities.

God provide us with two different opportunities.  The first was to purchase a boat motor for $950.  One of the local leaders will build the boat and we will provide the money for the motor.  This motor will be used to transport materials, cross the missionaries and look for additional business opportunities in the river.

The second investment was to buy balsa is a plant that has a lot of demand in the international market.  It takes 3-5 years to grow. At which time it will be sold.  We invested $500 and bought 1,000 plants.

Currently, they are in need of a chainsaw to help clear the land for various projects. Please contact us if you want to help.

We welcome you to partner with us and help with the monthly contribution.  You can contact us if you are interested in becoming a partner with us @  

Partnership: Conpasion Internacional 

Boat Project

Tree Project

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