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Mission Trips 2018

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Eastern Europe

Mission Activities: We teamed up with our partners OM and CTL, our ministry partner in Romania.  Helped to bring the gospel to the furthest and most disadvantage people in the country.  Met and blessed various pastors, children, families, and churches in the country.  Visited multiple orphanages and shared the power of God's love and his gospel.  Distributed over 300 care packages and 300 gospel bracelets.

Worked with Children

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Central America

Mission Activities: We teamed up with CEDEINFA, our ministry partner in El Salvador.  We helped to bring the gospel to the poorest and most dangerous in Central America.  We sponsored a medical brigade, we shared our personal testimonies at a local university, taught ESOL classes, shared over 300 care packages and gospel bracelets, and gave food to the poor.  We also sponsored our first faith-based social ministry.

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